Commit 7e22c2f3 authored by Pietro Abate's avatar Pietro Abate
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[r2005-03-25 18:12:37 by afrisch] Empty log message

Original author: afrisch
Date: 2005-03-25 18:12:37+00:00
parent 1ce4b183
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ module PM = Mk(Custom.Pair(Types)(Custom.List(Patterns.Node)))
module CONST = Mk(Types.Const)
module LAB = Mk(Ident.LabelPool)
module T = Mk(Types)
module LABA = Mk(Custom.Array(Ident.LabelPool))
module P = struct
type chunk =
......@@ -44,24 +45,29 @@ module P = struct
cst : CONST.pchunk;
lab : LAB.pchunk;
typ : T.pchunk;
laba : LABA.pchunk;
let init () =
{ pm = PM.init ();
cst = CONST.init ();
lab = LAB.init ();
typ = T.init () }
typ = T.init ();
laba = LABA.init ();
let serialize s c =
PM.serialize s;
CONST.serialize s c.cst;
LAB.serialize s c.lab;
T.serialize s c.typ
T.serialize s c.typ;
LABA.serialize s c.laba
let pm c = PM.put
let const c = CONST.put c.cst
let label c = LAB.put c.lab
let typ c = T.put c.typ
let label_array c = LABA.put c.laba
let mk c =
let s = serialize c in
......@@ -78,6 +84,7 @@ module G = struct
cst : Value.t CONST.chunk;
lab : Ident.label LAB.chunk;
typ : Types.t T.chunk;
laba : Ident.label array LABA.chunk;
let deserialize s =
......@@ -85,7 +92,8 @@ module G = struct
let cst = CONST.deserialize s in
let lab = LAB.deserialize s in
let typ = T.deserialize s in
{ pm = pm; cst = cst; lab = lab; typ = typ }
let laba = LABA.deserialize s in
{ pm = pm; cst = cst; lab = lab; typ = typ; laba = laba }
let mk s =
Types.clear_deserialize_table ();
......@@ -116,5 +124,8 @@ module G = struct
let typ chunk i =
T.get (fun x -> x) chunk.typ i
let record chunk i vs =
Value.mk_record (LABA.get (fun x -> x) chunk.laba i) vs
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ module P : sig
val const: chunk -> Types.const -> int
val label: chunk -> Ident.label -> int
val typ: chunk -> Types.t -> int
val label_array: chunk -> Ident.label array -> int
module G : sig
......@@ -17,6 +18,7 @@ module G : sig
val const: chunk -> int -> Value.t
val remove_label: chunk -> int -> Value.t -> Value.t
val typ: chunk -> int -> Types.t
val record: chunk -> int -> Value.t array -> Value.t
......@@ -698,8 +698,7 @@ let mk_record labels fields =
let l = ref [] in
assert (Array.length labels == Array.length fields);
for i = 0 to Array.length labels - 1 do
let (ns,lab) = labels.(i) in
l := ( ( ns, lab), fields.(i)) :: !l
l := (labels.(i),fields.(i)) :: !l;
Record (LabelMap.from_list_disj !l)
......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ val add: t -> t -> t
val sub: t -> t -> t
val pair: t -> t -> t
val xml: t -> t -> t -> t
val mk_record: (U.t * U.t) array -> t array -> t
val mk_record: label array -> t array -> t
val transform: (t -> t) -> t -> t
val xtransform: (t -> t) -> t -> t
cduce/misc/serialize.cmo: array.cmi buffer.cmi char.cmi list.cmi string.cmi \
cduce/misc/serialize.cmo: string.cmi list.cmi char.cmi buffer.cmi array.cmi \
cduce/misc/serialize.cmx: array.cmx buffer.cmx char.cmx list.cmx string.cmx \
cduce/misc/serialize.cmx: string.cmx list.cmx char.cmx buffer.cmx array.cmx \
cduce/misc/custom.cmo: array.cmi char.cmi format.cmi hashtbl.cmi list.cmi \
pervasives.cmi string.cmi
cduce/misc/custom.cmx: array.cmx char.cmx format.cmx hashtbl.cmx list.cmx \
pervasives.cmx string.cmx
cduce/misc/custom.cmo: array.cmi char.cmi format.cmi hashtbl.cmi list.cmi \
pervasives.cmi string.cmi
cduce/misc/custom.cmx: array.cmx char.cmx format.cmx hashtbl.cmx list.cmx \
pervasives.cmx string.cmx
cduce/misc/encodings.cmi: buffer.cmi format.cmi
cduce/misc/encodings.cmo: buffer.cmi char.cmi format.cmi printf.cmi \
string.cmi cduce/misc/encodings.cmi
cduce/misc/encodings.cmx: buffer.cmx char.cmx format.cmx printf.cmx \
string.cmx cduce/misc/encodings.cmi
cduce/misc/custom.cmo: string.cmi pervasives.cmi list.cmi hashtbl.cmi \
format.cmi char.cmi array.cmi
cduce/misc/custom.cmx: string.cmx pervasives.cmx list.cmx hashtbl.cmx \
format.cmx char.cmx array.cmx
cduce/misc/custom.cmo: string.cmi pervasives.cmi list.cmi hashtbl.cmi \
format.cmi char.cmi array.cmi
cduce/misc/custom.cmx: string.cmx pervasives.cmx list.cmx hashtbl.cmx \
format.cmx char.cmx array.cmx
cduce/misc/encodings.cmi: format.cmi buffer.cmi
cduce/misc/encodings.cmo: string.cmi printf.cmi format.cmi char.cmi \
buffer.cmi cduce/misc/encodings.cmi
cduce/misc/encodings.cmx: string.cmx printf.cmx format.cmx char.cmx \
buffer.cmx cduce/misc/encodings.cmi
cduce/misc/imap.cmi: format.cmi
cduce/misc/imap.cmo: format.cmi cduce/misc/imap.cmi
cduce/misc/imap.cmx: format.cmx cduce/misc/imap.cmi
cduce/misc/state.cmo: list.cmi obj.cmi cduce/misc/state.cmi
cduce/misc/state.cmx: list.cmx obj.cmx cduce/misc/state.cmi
cduce/misc/pool.cmo: array.cmi hashtbl.cmi map.cmi weak.cmi \
cduce/misc/state.cmo: obj.cmi list.cmi cduce/misc/state.cmi
cduce/misc/state.cmx: obj.cmx list.cmx cduce/misc/state.cmi
cduce/misc/pool.cmo: weak.cmi map.cmi hashtbl.cmi array.cmi \
cduce/misc/pool.cmx: array.cmx hashtbl.cmx map.cmx weak.cmx \
cduce/misc/pool.cmx: weak.cmx map.cmx hashtbl.cmx array.cmx \
cduce/misc/ns.cmi: format.cmi
cduce/misc/ns.cmo: array.cmi format.cmi hashtbl.cmi list.cmi map.cmi \
printf.cmi string.cmi cduce/misc/ns.cmi
cduce/misc/ns.cmx: array.cmx format.cmx hashtbl.cmx list.cmx map.cmx \
printf.cmx string.cmx cduce/misc/ns.cmi
cduce/types/sortedList.cmo: format.cmi list.cmi cduce/types/sortedList.cmi
cduce/types/sortedList.cmx: format.cmx list.cmx cduce/types/sortedList.cmi
cduce/misc/ns.cmo: string.cmi printf.cmi map.cmi list.cmi hashtbl.cmi \
format.cmi array.cmi cduce/misc/ns.cmi
cduce/misc/ns.cmx: string.cmx printf.cmx map.cmx list.cmx hashtbl.cmx \
format.cmx array.cmx cduce/misc/ns.cmi
cduce/types/sortedList.cmo: list.cmi format.cmi cduce/types/sortedList.cmi
cduce/types/sortedList.cmx: list.cmx format.cmx cduce/types/sortedList.cmi
cduce/types/atoms.cmi: format.cmi
cduce/types/atoms.cmo: format.cmi hashtbl.cmi list.cmi pervasives.cmi set.cmi \
cduce/types/atoms.cmo: set.cmi pervasives.cmi list.cmi hashtbl.cmi format.cmi \
cduce/types/atoms.cmx: format.cmx hashtbl.cmx list.cmx pervasives.cmx set.cmx \
cduce/types/atoms.cmx: set.cmx pervasives.cmx list.cmx hashtbl.cmx format.cmx \
cduce/misc/bool.cmi: format.cmi
cduce/misc/bool.cmo: format.cmi cduce/misc/bool.cmi
cduce/misc/bool.cmx: format.cmx cduce/misc/bool.cmi
cduce/types/chars.cmi: format.cmi
cduce/types/chars.cmo: char.cmi format.cmi list.cmi cduce/types/chars.cmi
cduce/types/chars.cmx: char.cmx format.cmx list.cmx cduce/types/chars.cmi
cduce/types/chars.cmo: list.cmi format.cmi char.cmi cduce/types/chars.cmi
cduce/types/chars.cmx: list.cmx format.cmx char.cmx cduce/types/chars.cmi
cduce/types/ident.cmo: map.cmi
cduce/types/ident.cmx: map.cmx
cduce/types/intervals.cmi: format.cmi
cduce/types/intervals.cmo: format.cmi list.cmi obj.cmi \
cduce/types/intervals.cmo: obj.cmi list.cmi format.cmi \
cduce/types/intervals.cmx: format.cmx list.cmx obj.cmx \
cduce/types/intervals.cmx: obj.cmx list.cmx format.cmx \
cduce/misc/inttbl.cmo: array.cmi cduce/misc/inttbl.cmi
cduce/misc/inttbl.cmx: array.cmx cduce/misc/inttbl.cmi
cduce/types/normal.cmo: list.cmi cduce/types/normal.cmi
cduce/types/normal.cmx: list.cmx cduce/types/normal.cmi
cduce/misc/pretty.cmi: hashtbl.cmi
cduce/misc/pretty.cmo: format.cmi hashtbl.cmi list.cmi pervasives.cmi \
cduce/misc/pretty.cmo: pervasives.cmi list.cmi hashtbl.cmi format.cmi \
cduce/misc/pretty.cmx: format.cmx hashtbl.cmx list.cmx pervasives.cmx \
cduce/misc/pretty.cmx: pervasives.cmx list.cmx hashtbl.cmx format.cmx \
cduce/misc/stats.cmi: format.cmi
cduce/misc/stats.cmo: format.cmi hashtbl.cmi list.cmi printf.cmi \
cduce/misc/stats.cmo: printf.cmi list.cmi hashtbl.cmi format.cmi \
cduce/misc/stats.cmx: format.cmx hashtbl.cmx list.cmx printf.cmx \
cduce/misc/stats.cmx: printf.cmx list.cmx hashtbl.cmx format.cmx \
cduce/types/ident.cmo: map.cmi
cduce/types/ident.cmx: map.cmx
cduce/types/types.cmi: format.cmi obj.cmi
cduce/types/types.cmo: array.cmi format.cmi hashtbl.cmi list.cmi map.cmi \
obj.cmi pervasives.cmi set.cmi cduce/types/types.cmi
cduce/types/types.cmx: array.cmx format.cmx hashtbl.cmx list.cmx map.cmx \
obj.cmx pervasives.cmx set.cmx cduce/types/types.cmi
cduce/types/sequence.cmo: list.cmi map.cmi cduce/types/sequence.cmi
cduce/types/sequence.cmx: list.cmx map.cmx cduce/types/sequence.cmi
cduce/types/types.cmi: obj.cmi format.cmi
cduce/types/types.cmo: set.cmi pervasives.cmi obj.cmi map.cmi list.cmi \
hashtbl.cmi format.cmi array.cmi cduce/types/types.cmi
cduce/types/types.cmx: set.cmx pervasives.cmx obj.cmx map.cmx list.cmx \
hashtbl.cmx format.cmx array.cmx cduce/types/types.cmi
cduce/types/sequence.cmo: map.cmi list.cmi cduce/types/sequence.cmi
cduce/types/sequence.cmx: map.cmx list.cmx cduce/types/sequence.cmi
cduce/types/sample.cmi: format.cmi
cduce/types/sample.cmo: list.cmi set.cmi cduce/types/sample.cmi
cduce/types/sample.cmx: list.cmx set.cmx cduce/types/sample.cmi
cduce/types/sample.cmo: set.cmi list.cmi cduce/types/sample.cmi
cduce/types/sample.cmx: set.cmx list.cmx cduce/types/sample.cmi
cduce/types/patterns.cmi: format.cmi
cduce/types/patterns.cmo: array.cmi format.cmi list.cmi map.cmi queue.cmi \
set.cmi cduce/types/patterns.cmi
cduce/types/patterns.cmx: array.cmx format.cmx list.cmx map.cmx queue.cmx \
set.cmx cduce/types/patterns.cmi
cduce/compile/lambda.cmi: format.cmi obj.cmi
cduce/compile/lambda.cmo: array.cmi format.cmi list.cmi obj.cmi \
cduce/types/patterns.cmo: set.cmi queue.cmi map.cmi list.cmi format.cmi \
array.cmi cduce/types/patterns.cmi
cduce/types/patterns.cmx: set.cmx queue.cmx map.cmx list.cmx format.cmx \
array.cmx cduce/types/patterns.cmi
cduce/compile/lambda.cmi: obj.cmi format.cmi
cduce/compile/lambda.cmo: obj.cmi list.cmi format.cmi array.cmi \
cduce/compile/lambda.cmx: array.cmx format.cmx list.cmx obj.cmx \
cduce/compile/lambda.cmx: obj.cmx list.cmx format.cmx array.cmx \
cduce/runtime/value.cmi: format.cmi set.cmi
cduce/runtime/value.cmo: array.cmi buffer.cmi char.cmi format.cmi list.cmi \
obj.cmi set.cmi string.cmi cduce/runtime/value.cmi
cduce/runtime/value.cmx: array.cmx buffer.cmx char.cmx format.cmx list.cmx \
obj.cmx set.cmx string.cmx cduce/runtime/value.cmi
cduce/runtime/run_dispatch.cmo: array.cmi format.cmi string.cmi \
cduce/runtime/value.cmi: set.cmi format.cmi
cduce/runtime/value.cmo: string.cmi set.cmi obj.cmi list.cmi format.cmi \
char.cmi buffer.cmi array.cmi cduce/runtime/value.cmi
cduce/runtime/value.cmx: string.cmx set.cmx obj.cmx list.cmx format.cmx \
char.cmx buffer.cmx array.cmx cduce/runtime/value.cmi
cduce/runtime/run_dispatch.cmo: string.cmi format.cmi array.cmi \
cduce/runtime/run_dispatch.cmx: array.cmx format.cmx string.cmx \
cduce/runtime/run_dispatch.cmx: string.cmx format.cmx array.cmx \
cduce/runtime/serial.cmo: array.cmi list.cmi cduce/runtime/serial.cmi
cduce/runtime/serial.cmx: array.cmx list.cmx cduce/runtime/serial.cmi
cduce/runtime/serial.cmo: list.cmi array.cmi cduce/runtime/serial.cmi
cduce/runtime/serial.cmx: list.cmx array.cmx cduce/runtime/serial.cmi
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