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[r2003-07-11 00:10:52 by cvscast] Beppe: put a warning on the advances status of the example page.

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Date: 2003-07-11 00:10:52+00:00
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<page name="examples">
<title>Code examples</title>
<title>Advanced examples</title>
<p>This page presents some simple CDuce programs.</p>
<p>This page presents some sample CDuce programs.</p>
<p>See also:</p>
<local-links href="index,proto,memento"/>
<box title="Advanced examples" link="start">
This page presents some advanced programming examples in CDuce. <b
style="color:#FF0080">If you never saw CDuce programs before, this is the wrong
page</b> to start with. Rather follow our <local href="tutorial"/>, or test the
simple examples in our <a href="/cgi-bin/cduce">on line demo</a>.
<box title="Our canonical example" link="sort">
The example below is the one we use to demonstrate
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