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[r2003-05-24 20:35:15 by cvscast] Manual

Original author: cvscast
Date: 2003-05-24 20:35:15+00:00
parent 9dd74910
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ let rec print_exn ppf = function
| Typer.Constraint (s,t,msg) ->
Format.fprintf ppf "This expression should have type:@\n%a@\n"
print_norm t;
Format.fprintf ppf "but its infered type is:@\n%a@\n"
Format.fprintf ppf "but its inferred type is:@\n%a@\n"
print_norm s;
Format.fprintf ppf "which is not a subtype, as shown by the sample:@\n" ;
Location.protect ppf
......@@ -123,13 +123,13 @@ an alternative notation, which is lighter for several argument
fun %%f%% (%%x1%% : %%t1%%, %%...%%, %%xn:tn%%) : %%s%% = %%e%%
fun %%f%% (%%p1%% : %%t1%%, %%...%%, %%pn:tn%%) : %%s%% = %%e%%
which is strictly equivalent to:
fun %%f%% ((%%t1%%,%%...%%,%%tn%%) -> %%s%%) (%%x1%%,%%...%%,%%xn%%) -> %%e%%
fun %%f%% ((%%t1%%,%%...%%,%%tn%%) -> %%s%%) (%%p1%%,%%...%%,%%pn%%) -> %%e%%
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