Commit 86748961 authored by Kim Nguyễn's avatar Kim Nguyễn
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Recursively check in the global normalisation hash table whether the

type has already been normalized. Without this patch, in the following usage:

norm(T1, delta)
norm(<a>[ T1 ], delta)

the fact that T1 has already been normalized against some delta is not taken into
account while normalizin <a>[T1].
parent 7932c071
......@@ -3233,10 +3233,14 @@ module Tallying = struct
module NormMemoHash = Hashtbl.Make(Custom.Pair(Descr)(Var.Set))
let memo_norm = NormMemoHash.create 17
let rec norm (t,delta,mem) =
if is_empty t then CS.sat
(* If we find it in the global hashtable, we are finished *)
NormMemoHash.find memo_norm (t, delta)
Not_found ->
let finished, cst = NormMemoHash.find mem (t, delta) in
if finished then cst else CS.sat
......@@ -3244,18 +3248,20 @@ module Tallying = struct
Not_found ->
let res =
if is_var t then
(* base cases *)
if is_empty t then CS.sat (* empty type is sat *)
else if no_var t then CS.unsat (* if the type has no variable and is not empty, unsat *)
else if is_var t then (* a single top_level variable *)
(* if there is only one variable then is it A <= 0 or 1 <= A *)
let (v,p) = extract_variable t in
if Var.Set.mem v delta then CS.unsat
if Var.Set.mem v delta then CS.unsat (* if it is monomorphic, unsat *)
(* otherwise, create a single constraint according to its polarity *)
let s = if p then (Pos (v,empty)) else (Neg (any,v)) in
CS.singleton s
(* if there are no vars, and it is not empty then unsat *)
else if no_var t then CS.unsat
else begin
else begin (* type is not empty and is not a variable *)
let mem = NormMemoHash.add mem (t,delta) (false, CS.sat); mem in
let aux single norm_aux acc l =
big_prod delta (toplevel delta single norm_aux mem) acc l
......@@ -3281,7 +3287,6 @@ module Tallying = struct
NormMemoHash.replace mem (t, delta) (true,res); res
(* Format.printf "Normalizing %a yields %a\n%!" Print.pp_type t CS.pp_s res; *)
(* (t1,t2) = intersection of all (fst pos,snd pos) \in P
* (s1,s2) \in N
......@@ -3376,7 +3381,6 @@ module Tallying = struct
big_prod delta norm_arrow CS.sat (Pair.get t)
let memo_norm = NormMemoHash.create 17
let norm delta t =
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