Commit 8852caa6 authored by Kim Nguyễn's avatar Kim Nguyễn
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Fix a pretty-printing bug where top-level variables intersected with

sequence type would not show up (e.g. 'a & [ Any *] would be displayed
as [ Any * ], while the 'a would still be present internally).
parent 31915c44
......@@ -1964,7 +1964,7 @@ module Print = struct
let u_acc, tt =
let tt_times = { empty with times = tt.times } in
if subtype tt_times seqs_descr then
if subtype tt_times seqs_descr && no_var tt_times then
let seq = cap tt seqs_descr in
let seq_times = { empty with times = seq.times } in
if is_empty seq || (is_empty seq_times && not finite_atoms) then
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