Commit 90e4580e authored by Pietro Abate's avatar Pietro Abate
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[r2003-12-06 00:43:26 by afrisch] cduce_packed

Original author: afrisch
Date: 2003-12-06 00:43:26+00:00
parent be0ae519
......@@ -183,8 +183,18 @@ INCLUDES = $(DIRS:%=-I %)
cduce: $(CDUCE:.cmo=.$(EXTENSION))
bug: $(OBJECTS) bug.cmo
$(LINK) $(INCLUDES) -o $@ $^
cduce.cma: $(CDUCE)
$(CAMLC) -a -linkpkg -o cduce.cma gramlib.cma $(OBJECTS)
cduce_packed.cma: $(CDUCE)
$(CAMLC) -o cduce_all.cmo -pack $(OBJECTS)
$(CAMLC) -a -linkpkg -o cduce_packed.cma gramlib.cma cduce_all.cmo
run_ocaml_cduce: cduce.cma
ocaml $(INCLUDES) cduce.cma
run_ocaml_cduce_packed: cduce_packed.cma
ocaml cduce_packed.cma
webiface: $(WEBIFACE:.cmo=.$(EXTENSION))
$(LINK) -verbose $(INCLUDES) -o $@ $^ -ccopt -static
......@@ -258,4 +268,4 @@ install_web: website
mkdir $(HTML_DIR)/img; \
cp web/img/*.* $(HTML_DIR)/img
#*: help
\ No newline at end of file
#*: help
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