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<title>Funding</title> <title>Funding</title>
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<include file="GraphDuce.xml"/> <include file="GraphDuce.xml"/>
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<box title="Myths" link="Myths"> <box title="Myths" link="Myths">
<p>Myths est ...</p> <p>MyThS (Models and Types for Security in Mobile Distributed Systems Contract
IST-2001-32617) is a project funded by the Information Society Technologies
(IST) Programme of the European Union. It is a collaboration between the Ecole
Normale Superieure de Paris, the University of Sussex, and the University Ca'
Foscari of Venice</p>
<p> MyThS seeks to develop type-based foundational theories of security for
mobile and distributed systems. By relying on strong typing as the basic
principle, MyThS addresses the foundations of programming languages and
paradigms that allow static detection of security violations, and aims at
developing type theoretic methods and tools that enable formal analyses of
security guarantees appropriate for systems and applications on the global
computing platform.</p>
<p>More information about the project can we found in the following page on <p>More information about the project can we found in the following page on
<a href="">MyThS</a></p> <a href="">MyThS</a></p>
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