Commit b7d2029e authored by Pietro Abate's avatar Pietro Abate
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[r2003-11-29 11:28:59 by szach] bugfix: generate non sequence content model...

[r2003-11-29 11:28:59 by szach] bugfix: generate non sequence content model for schema simple contents

Original author: szach
Date: 2003-11-29 11:28:59+00:00
parent 3a1f5b5f
......@@ -1460,7 +1460,16 @@ module Schema_converter =
let slot = mk_derecurs_slot noloc in
Hashtbl.add complex_memo id slot;
let content_re = regexp_of_content_type ~schema content in
let content_ast_node = PRegexp (content_re, PType Sequence.nil_type) in
let content_ast_node =
match content with
| CT_empty -> PType Sequence.nil_type
| CT_simple st -> cd_type_of_simple_type ~schema st
| CT_model (particle, mixed) ->
if mixed then
Value.failwith' "Mixed content models aren't supported";
let regexp = regexp_of_particle ~schema particle in
PRegexp (regexp, PType Sequence.nil_type)
slot.pdescr <-
PTimes (cd_type_of_attr_uses ~schema attr_uses, content_ast_node);
PAlias slot
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