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[r2005-07-08 14:00:00 by mburelle] Add infos about FreeBSD ports. Marwan.

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......@@ -91,6 +91,79 @@ Version 0.7, for OCaml 3.08, 3.09.
<section title="FreeBSD Port">
A <a href="">FreeBSD port</a> for
CDuce 0.3.2 is now available (commit date : 2005-06-19)
To install it follow those steps :</p>
<li><p>Update your ports tree (using cvsup for example, just take a
look at the handbook for more information.)</p></li>
<li><p>Be sure every thing is up to date (use
<tt>sysutils/portupgrade</tt> this is the simplest way) Be also sure
that your pcre lib was build with UTF8 support (if it isn't installed,
you don't have to care.) The best way is to deinstall pcre and install
the slave port <tt>devel/pcre-utf8</tt>.</p></li>
<li><p>Go to <tt>/usr/ports/lang/cduce</tt>, type "<tt>make all
install clean</tt>" and this it (or if you have portupgrade,
"<tt>portinstall lang/cduce</tt>" would be enough).</p></li>
<p>As for most ocaml ports, be sure that all your already installed
ports depending on ocaml are up to date (in particular, they need to
be rebuild since the last ocaml update.)</p>
<p>The best way to do that is with (again) portupgrade :
<tt>portupgrade -fru ocaml\*</tt></p>
<p>If you are not familiare with FreeBSD ports, be sure to read the
FreeBSD <a
and the manpage <a
Some articles in O'Reilly's <a
href=""> BSD DEVCENTER</a> may
interest you also.</p>
<p>OCaml's ports have been updated just before porting CDuce, so
normaly, every thing needed to build CDuce's interface with ocaml is
available (unless you build ocaml's port with option
<p>The CDuce's port has some options :</p>
<td valign="top">WITHOUT_OCURL</td>
<td>disable support for ocurl (since there's no ports of netclient,
this disable url supports.)<br />
<em>default : ocurl enable</em></td>
<td valign="top">WITH_OCAML_EXPAT</td>
<td>use expat instead of PXP. PXP was made default, but since expat
problem with external DTD is fixed, it will be the default in next
ports release.<br />
<em>default : expat disable</em></td>
<td valign="top">WITHOUT_MLIFACE</td>
<td>disable CDuce's ocaml interface.
<em>default : MLIFACE enable</em></td>
<td valign="top">NOPORTSDOCS</td>
<td>disable build/install of documentation (standard ports'
option)<br />
<em>default : depending on you own ports configuration, probably docs
<section title="FreeBSD Ports">
<p><i>In preparation</i></p>
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