Commit bd583e85 authored by Kim Nguyễn's avatar Kim Nguyễn
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Refresh the type of function and argument (in that order) before tallying. This way,

when solving tallying constraints, the type of the result is defined in terms of the
variables in the argument, not the other way around.
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......@@ -1332,6 +1332,8 @@ and type_check' loc env e constr precise =
let t2 = type_check env e2 dom true in
Types.Arrow.apply t1arrow t2
let t1 = Types.Subst.refresh env.mono_vars t1 in
let t2 = Types.Subst.refresh env.mono_vars t2 in
match Types.Tallying.squareapply env.mono_vars t1 t2 with
| None -> raise_loc loc (Constraint (t2, dom))
| Some (_, res) -> res
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