Commit be1f9ee3 authored by Pietro Abate's avatar Pietro Abate
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[r2005-04-04 13:23:04 by afrisch] Empty log message

Original author: afrisch
Date: 2005-04-04 13:23:04+00:00
parent 06b9ab0e
......@@ -175,3 +175,18 @@ let seq_of_list l =
let char_latin1 = Types.char (Chars.mk_classes [ (0,255) ])
let string_latin1 = star char_latin1
let any_xtransformable =
(fun n ->
let elt =
(Types.cons (Types.times Types.any_node n))
let non_elt = Types.neg (Types.xml Types.any_node Types.any_node)
let t = Types.cons (Types.cup elt non_elt) in
Types.cup nil_type (Types.times t n)))
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ val any: Types.t
val seqseq: Types.t
val string: Types.t
val string_latin1: Types.t
val any_xtransformable: Types.t
val concat: Types.t -> Types.t -> Types.t
val flatten: Types.t -> Types.t
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