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......@@ -25,9 +25,9 @@ OCamlDuce is distributed under the Q Public License version 1.0.
<li>A <a
report</a> describes the theory behind OCamlDuce's type system (to be
presented in PLAN-X 2006).</li>
presented in ICFP 2006).</li>
<li><local href="ocaml_install">How to get OCamlDuce:</local> download,
installation instructions, packages.</li>
<li><local href="ocaml_manual">User's manual</local>.</li>
......@@ -441,6 +441,30 @@ monomorphic system.</p> </abstract>
</li> </ul>
<paper file="papers/ocamlduce_icfp.pdf">
<title>OCaml + XDuce</title>
<author>A. Frisch</author>
<comment>ICFP 2006</comment>
<abstract> <p> This paper presents the core type system and type inference
algorithm of OCamlDuce, a merger between OCaml and XDuce. The
challenge was to combine two type checkers of very different natures
while preserving the best properties of both (principality and
automatic type reconstruction on one side; very precise types and
implicit subtyping on the other side). Type inference can be described
by two successive passes: the first one is an ML-like unification-based
algorithm which also extracts data flow constraints about XML values;
the second one is an XDuce-like algorithm which computes XML types in
a direct way. An optional preprocessing pass, called strengthening,
can be added to allow more implicit use of XML subtyping. This pass is
also very similar to an ML type checker.</p> </abstract>
</li> </ul>
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