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[r2007-01-23 20:35:58 by afrisch] Empty log message

Original author: afrisch
Date: 2007-01-23 20:35:58+00:00
parent b85e7e74
......@@ -306,6 +306,7 @@ CDuce features into <a href="">OCaml</a></li>
<li><local href="img"/>.</li>
<li><local href="soutenance"/>.</li>
<li><local href="soutenance-miachon"/>.</li>
<li>An online tool to <local href="dtd2cduce">convert from DTD to
CDuce types</local>.</li>
<li><local href="bench"/>.</li>
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Some pictures taken by Ignacy:
<thumbnails width="610" height="834" href="img/miachon_phd/">
20061213%20009.jpg:Véronique Benzaken, Giuseppe Castagna.
20061213%20022.jpg:Nicoles Bidoit, Kim Nguyen, Sylvain Lesbresne, Bertrand Chardon.
20061213%20025.jpg:Giuseppe Castagna, Véronique Benzaken, Christine Paulin, Jacques Le Maitre, Sophie Tison, Zohra Bellahsene.
......@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@ manuscript</a> (in French, 1.3 Mb), and the <a
href="slides/frisch_phd_slides.pdf">slides</a> of the presentation.
<p>See also: <local href="soutenance-miachon"/>.</p>
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