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[r2005-07-29 13:30:53 by afrisch] Photos

Original author: afrisch
Date: 2005-07-29 13:30:53+00:00
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......@@ -65,11 +65,23 @@ Some pictures taken by Laurent (Alain's brother):
<thumbnails width="1112" height="834" href="img/alain_phd/">
IMG_0668.jpg:Alain and Véronique.
IMG_0673.jpg IMG_0677.jpg IMG_0688.jpg
IMG_0669.jpg IMG_0674.jpg IMG_0678.jpg IMG_0689.jpg
IMG_0671.jpg IMG_0675.jpg IMG_0679.jpg
IMG_0672.jpg IMG_0676.jpg IMG_0681.jpg IMG_0687.jpg
IMG_0688.jpg:Alain, Véronique Benzaken.
IMG_0669.jpg IMG_0674.jpg
IMG_0689.jpg:Annie, Yves.
IMG_0671.jpg IMG_0675.jpg
IMG_0679.jpg:Giorgio Ghelli, Martin Odersky, Giuseppe Castagna.
IMG_0672.jpg IMG_0676.jpg
IMG_0681.jpg:Abbey, Annie, Yves.
imm018_19A.jpg:Alain, Véronique Benzaken.
imm019_20A.jpg:Martin Odersky, Giorgio Ghelli, Pierre-Louis Curien.
imm020_21A.jpg:Abbey, Xavier Leroy, Serge Leblanc.
imm021_22A.jpg:Laurent, Abbey, Annie.
<thumbnail width="625" height="833" href="img/alain_phd/IMG_0685.jpg"/>
<!-- IMG_0682.jpg IMG_0686.jpg -->
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