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<box title="Papers" link="papers">
<section title="Thesis">
<paper file="papers/frisch_phd.pdf">
<title>Théorie, conception et réalisation d'un langage adapté à
<author>A. Frisch</author>
<comment>Ph.D thesis (in French). See <local href="soutenance">this page</local>.
<p><b>(English)</b> This thesis describes the theoretical foundations of a type-safe
and higher-order functional language, adapted to the manipulation of
XML documents. The first part presents the semantical bases: type
algebra with recursive types, boolean combination, arrow and product
constructors; definition of a semantic subtyping relation via a
set-theoretic notion of model for types; description of the
functional kernel of the language, in particular its type system and
its type-driven dynamic semantics. The second part focuses on the
algorithmical aspects: computing the subtyping relation and compiling
pattern matching with optimizations. The third part presents the
CDuce language, built on top of the functional kernel, together
with some of the original techniques used in its implementation.
<p><b>(French)</b> Cette thèse décrit les fondements théoriques d'un
langage de programmation fonctionnel d'ordre supérieur, typé, adapté
à la manipulation de documents XML. La première partie présente les
bases sémantiques: algèbre de types avec types récursifs,
combinaisons boolénnes et constructeurs flèche et produit; définition
d'une relation de sous-typage sémantique en passant par une notion de
modèle ensembliste des types; présentation du noyau fonctionnel du
langage, en particulier son système de types et sa sémantique
dynamique dirigée par les types. La deuxième partie étudie les
aspects algorithmiques: calcul de la relation de sous-typage et
compilation optimisée du filtrage par motifs. La troisième partie
présente le langage CDuce, construit au dessus du noyau fonctionnel,
ainsi que certaines des techniques originales mises en oeuvre dans
son implémentation.
<section title="Language Description">
......@@ -315,12 +364,58 @@ constrained runtime environment, ..).
<section title="Extensions">
<paper file="papers/">
<title>Parametric polymorphism for XML</title>
<author>H. Hosoya</author>
<author>A. Frisch</author>
<author>G. Castagna</author>
<comment>In The <i>32nd Annual ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages</i>, 2005.
<abstract> <p> Although several type systems have been investigated
for XML, parametric polymorphism is rarely treated. This
well-established typing discipline can also be useful in XML
processing in particular for programs involving "parametric schemas,"
i.e., schemas parameterized over other schemas (e.g., SOAP). The
difficulty in treating polymorphism for XML lies in how to extend the
"semantic" approach used in the mainstream (monomorphic) XML type
systems. A naive extension would be "semantic" quantification over all
substitutions for type variables. However, this approach reduces to an
NEXPTIME-complete problem for which no practical algorithm is known,
and, moreover, the type system obtained in this way is characterized
by a hardly useful expressiveness. In this paper, we propose a
lighter-weight way of extending the semantic approach, where we
interpret type variables as markings in data values for indicating the
parameterized subparts. As a result, we can construct a sensible
polymorphic type system both with a semantic flavor and a set of
practical algorithms needed for typechecking. Most of these algorithms
can be obtained by local modifications to existing ones for a
monomorphic system.</p> </abstract>
</li> </ul>
<box title="Slides" link="slides">
<slides file="slides/frisch_phd_slides.pdf">
<title>Théorie, conception et réalisation d'un langage adapté à
<author>A. Frisch</author>
<comment>Slides of the PhD defense (Dec. 2004). In French.</comment>
<slides file="slides/talk_irit.pdf">
<title>CDuce: un langage fonctionnel pour manipuler des documents XML</title>
......@@ -50,10 +50,9 @@ originales mises en oeuvre dans son impl
You can download the <a
of the manuscript</a> (in French) given to the jury. The
final version will be put online when available.
You can download the <a href="papers/frisch_phd.pdf">
manuscript</a> (in French, 1.3 Mb), and the <a
href="slides/frisch_phd_slides.pdf">slides</a> of the presentation.
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