Commit e724ce26 authored by Kim Nguyễn's avatar Kim Nguyễn
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Take stderr into account for failing tests.

parent 4afe89e0
......@@ -36,11 +36,16 @@ let compile_rule f cdo =
(action (with-accepted-exit-codes 0 (run cduce --compile %%{deps}))))\n"
f cdo
let run_rule cdo output code =
let run_rule cdo output kind =
let write_output, close, code =
match kind with
Good -> "ignore-stderr (with-stdout-to", ")", "0"
| Bad -> "with-outputs-to", "", "(not 0)"
"(rule (deps %s) (target %s)
(action (ignore-stderr (with-stdout-to %%{target} (with-accepted-exit-codes %s (run cduce --run %%{deps}))))))\n"
cdo output code
(action (%s %%{target} (with-accepted-exit-codes %s (run cduce --run %%{deps})))%s))\n"
cdo output write_output code close
let diff_rule base exp out =
......@@ -48,14 +53,13 @@ let diff_rule base exp out =
let gen_test kind ext acc f =
if check_file f ext then begin
let code = match kind with Good -> "0" | Bad -> "(not 0)" in
let base = Filename.remove_extension f in
let cdo = base ^ ".cdo" in
let out = base ^ ".out" in
let exp = base ^ ".exp" in
Format.printf "; begin: %s\n" f;
compile_rule f cdo;
run_rule cdo out code;
run_rule cdo out kind;
diff_rule base exp out;
Format.printf "; end: %s\n\n" f;
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