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......@@ -386,6 +386,30 @@ constrained runtime environment, ..).
<section title="Extensions">
<paper file="papers/error_mining.pdf">
<title>Error Mining for Regular Expression Patterns</title>
<author>Giuseppe Castagna</author> <author>Dario Colazzo</author>
<author>Alain Frisch</author> <comment>In the <i>9th Italian
Conference On Theoretical Computer Science</i>, ICTCS 2005.</comment>
<abstract> In the design of type systems for XML programming
languages based on regular expression types and patterns the focus
has been over result analysis, with the main aim of statically
checking that a transformation always yields data of an expected
output type. While being crucial for correct program composition,
result analysis is not sufficient to guarantee that patterns used in
the transformation are correct. In this paper we motivate the need of
static detection of incorrect patterns, and provide a formal
characterization based on pattern matching operational semantics,
together with locally exact type analysis techniques to statically
detect them.
<paper file="papers/">
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