Commit ea7f3c5f authored by Pietro Abate's avatar Pietro Abate
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[r2002-11-10 02:31:52 by cvscast] Empty log message

Original author: cvscast
Date: 2002-11-10 02:31:52+00:00
parent d7afb5a0
......@@ -65,10 +65,10 @@ types/types.cmx: types/atoms.cmx types/boolean.cmx types/chars.cmx \
types/recursive_noshare.cmx types/sortedList.cmx types/sortedMap.cmx \
misc/state.cmx types/types.cmi
runtime/eval.cmo: runtime/load_xml.cmi runtime/print_xml.cmo \
runtime/run_dispatch.cmi typing/typed.cmo types/types.cmi \
runtime/run_dispatch.cmi misc/state.cmi typing/typed.cmo types/types.cmi \
runtime/value.cmi runtime/eval.cmi
runtime/eval.cmx: runtime/load_xml.cmx runtime/print_xml.cmx \
runtime/run_dispatch.cmx typing/typed.cmx types/types.cmx \
runtime/run_dispatch.cmx misc/state.cmx typing/typed.cmx types/types.cmx \
runtime/value.cmx runtime/eval.cmi
runtime/load_xml.cmo: parser/location.cmi types/sortedMap.cmi types/types.cmi \
runtime/value.cmi runtime/load_xml.cmi
......@@ -14,7 +14,8 @@ let main (cgi : Netcgi.std_activation) =
Location.set_viewport `Html;
Load_xml.set_auth false; ppf input;
let ok = ppf input in
if ok then Format.fprintf ppf "@\nOk.@\n";
let res = Format.flush_str_formatter () in
cgi # output # output_string ("\
let state = ref []
let complete = ref false
let close () =
complete := true
let register name r =
if !complete then failwith "State.register: state already closed";
state := (name,Obj.magic r) :: !state
let ref name v =
let r = ref v in
register name r;
let get () =
if not !complete then failwith "State.get: need to close the state";
Obj.magic ( (fun (name,r) -> (name, !r)) !state)
let set s =
if not !complete then failwith "State.set: need to close the state";
let rec aux = function
| [],[] -> ()
| (n1,v)::l1, (n2,r)::l2 when n1 = n2 -> r := v; aux (l1,l2)
| _ -> failwith "State.set_state: failed"
aux (Obj.magic s,!state)
(* This module provides a minimal and unsafe support for
saving/restoring the global state of the program.
It assumes that the global state is fully described by
Marshal'able references.
val ref: string -> 'a -> 'a ref
(* Replacement for Pervasives.ref. Creates a persistant reference.
Two runs of the programs must yield the same calls to this function,
in the correct order. The arbitrary string argument is used to
check this order (give a different string for different calls).
val close: unit -> unit
(* Close registration for the global state. When this function
has been called, ref becomes illegal, and get/set become
legal *)
val get: unit -> 'a
(* Get a marshal'able value representing the global state *)
val set: 'a -> unit
(* Set the global state *)
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