Commit f45965e8 authored by Kim Nguyễn's avatar Kim Nguyễn
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Fix buggy test that depends on whether dune has already copied file in _build or not.

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......@@ -90,10 +90,10 @@ let gen_cduce_test ?(ext = false) kind acc f =
let cduce_type_rule base file =
let out = base ^ ".out" in
"(rule (alias %s) \n\
(action (with-outputs-to %s (with-accepted-exit-codes 0 (run \
../src/test_type.exe %s)))))"
base out file
"(rule (alias %s) (deps %s) (target %s)\n\
(action (with-outputs-to %%{target} (with-accepted-exit-codes 0 (run \
../src/test_type.exe %%{deps})))))"
base file out
let gen_type_test acc f =
if check_file f ".cd" then begin
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ let traverse (dir : Latin1) : [String*] =
let [] =
let dirs = traverse "../.." in
transform sort_string_list dirs with f -> print_utf8 (f @ "\n")
let dirs = traverse ".." in
let dirs2 = traverse "../../common" in
transform sort_string_list (dirs@dirs2) with f -> print_utf8 (f @ "\n")
; begin:
(rule (alias test1)
(action (with-outputs-to test1.out (with-accepted-exit-codes 0 (run ../src/test_type.exe (alias test1) (action (diff test1.exp test1.out)))
(rule (alias test1) (deps (target test1.out)
(action (with-outputs-to %{target} (with-accepted-exit-codes 0 (run ../src/test_type.exe %{deps})))))(rule (alias test1) (action (diff test1.exp test1.out)))
; end:
(alias (name runtest)
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