Commit fa46164a authored by Julien Lopez's avatar Julien Lopez
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[TESTS][EVAL][MINOR] Better Makefile; eval fails to compile at this point.

parent ff766d4d
......@@ -3,17 +3,16 @@ ROOTDIR ?= ../..
SRCDIR ?= src
EXTDIR ?= $(SRCDIR)/externals
# TODO: Improve this, we have to add twice an external file in this Makefile
INEXTFILES = misc/ misc/ types/\
compile/lambda.mli compile/ misc/ misc/ns.mli misc/\
misc/upool.mli types/ types/sortedList.mli types/\
types/compunit.mli types/types.mli types/
types/compunit.mli types/types.mli types/ runtime/
RM ?= rm -f
OUT ?= main.native
.PHONY: clean check test
.PHONY: clean check test _import
all: _import
$(COMPILER) -use-ocamlfind $(OUT)
......@@ -25,8 +24,7 @@ _import:
@echo "done"
$(RM) $(OUT)
$(RM) -r _build
$(COMPILER) -clean
test $(EXTDIR) = "src" || test $(EXTDIR) = "." || $(RM) -r $(EXTDIR)
check: test
<src>: include
<src/lambda*>: pp(camlp4orf.opt), package(camlp4.lib)
<src/main*>: pp(camlp4orf.opt), package(camlp4.lib)
<src/externals>: include
......@@ -16,4 +16,6 @@ let str = if Array.length Sys.argv > 1 then load_file Sys.argv.(1)
let expr = ExprParser.of_string str in
printf "Original: %s\nExpr: " str;
print_expr expr;
printf "\nResult: %s\n" (expr_to_string expr)
printf "\nResult: %s\n" (expr_to_string expr);
(*Eval.eval [||] [||] expr*)
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