Commit faefffce authored by Kim Nguyễn's avatar Kim Nguyễn
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Revert "Fix the parsing of multiple arrows in function interfaces."

This reverts commit 8a69ed59 to allow proper merging of the dune-switch branch.
parent 8a69ed59
......@@ -682,9 +682,9 @@ let_binding:
b = branches {
let pre_intf = (x, y) :: other_arrows in
let intf = (fun (x, y) ->
(x, let y = List.rev y in List.fold_left (fun acc e ->
(x, List.fold_right (fun e acc ->
let loc = Cduce_loc.(merge_loc e.loc acc.loc) in
Cduce_loc.mk_loc loc (Arrow (e,acc)))(List.hd y) ( y))
Cduce_loc.mk_loc loc (Arrow (e,acc)))( y) (List.hd y))
) pre_intf
(intf, b)
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