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Date: 2003-05-14 16:57:38+00:00
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CDuce website: technical documentation
CDuce website is generated by "". The entry point is the file
The site is structured as a tree of pages, with a single toplevel page
(normally "index").
Items on a page:
- box: a large box on the main panel
- meta: a special box on the main panel to display meta information
- left: a narrow box on the left panel
- page: a sub-page
- external: a "virtual" sub-page, not managed by but
integrated in the tree
- boxes-toc: list of links to all boxes on this page
- pages-toc: list of links to all subpages
- site-toc: global sitemap
- local-links: list of links to some arbitrary pages of the site
(href is a comma separted list of page names)
- ...
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