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......@@ -54,9 +54,9 @@ the content by <a href="examples.html#site">the following CDuce program</a>.
<box title="Latest News" link="news">
<section title="2003, September 23rd, Saturday: Emacs Volunteer sought.">
<section title="2003, September 23rd, Wednesday: Volunteers sought.">
We look for a volunteer to prepare an emacs mode for CDuce. Please contact
We look for volunteers to prepare an emacs mode for CDuce and to implement a native Win32 or MinGW port. If your are interested please contact
......@@ -66,10 +66,10 @@ us.
<section title="2003, August 16th, Saturday: Version 0.1.1 released.">
This version has several bug-fixes and encodes reference types. You can now use
<code>:=</code> and <code>;</code>. It is available at the <a href="">usual place</a>. Try this
<code>:=</code> and <code>;</code>. It is available at the <a href="download">usual place</a>. Try this
<a href="">code</a> on
the on-line demo for an example on how to use them, and refer to the
<a href="">manual pages</a> for more
<a href="manual_expressions.html#ref">manual pages</a> for more
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