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To make the windows installer

To use the script, you need the Inno setup tool, which is available

You should get the basic package (Stable Release) and the QuickStart
Pack.  To install, you first run the Inno installer (isetup-5.2.2.exe
or later) and then the QuickStart Pack installer (ispack-5.2.2.exe or

The installer script uses the files

CDuce inno setup script 1.iss

You can either double-click on the setup script

"CDuce inno setup script 1.iss"

(which is located in the win32 directory) to launch Inno or launch
Inno tool first and then open the script with File->Open.

If the other files are placed correctly, you generate "CDuce
setup.exe" by selecting Project->Compile Setup or by pressing Ctrl+F9.
The installer is called CDuce setup.exe and is placed in the folder

If you want to use different files (e.g., change the icons) or if you
have moved a file, you can either edit the setup script or use the
Inno menus.

The text presented during installation is selected in
Project->Setup Options->Application.

The installer icon and the background image are selected in
Project->Setup Options->Appearance.

Note that the files are found using relative paths, so if your cduce
is not located in /usr/src/cduce/cduce/trunk, Inno might have trouble
finding some of them, in particular the cygwin dll.

The script contains all the information, the stuff in all the other
sections, Icons, Registry, etc, just get converted to text in the

One adds stuff to the sections by right-clicking.

The stuff concerning the icons shown on files with specific suffixes
and which application is launched when one double-clicks a file with a
certain suffix is in the Registry section.

It might be a good idea to exit cygwin before running the installer.