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......@@ -324,7 +324,7 @@ We now apply Corollary \ref{cor:hmtpysquaregraph} and Proposition \ref{prop:hmtp
X_{n,m} &:= X([n],[m]) \\
\partial_i^h &:=X(\delta^i,\mathrm{id}) : X_{n+1,m} \to X_{n,m}\\
\partial_j^v &:=X(\mathrm{id},\delta^j) : X_{n,m+1} \to X_{n,m}\\
s_i^h &:=X(\sigma^i,\mathrm{id})): X_{n,m} \to X_{n+1,m}\\
s_i^h &:=X(\sigma^i,\mathrm{id}): X_{n,m} \to X_{n+1,m}\\
s_j^v&:=X(\mathrm{id},\sigma^j) : X_{n,m} \to X_{n,m+1}.
Note that for every $n\geq 0$, we have simplicial sets
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