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......@@ -2031,7 +2031,7 @@ homotopy type of the torus.
$1$\nbd{}category, it is \good{} (Theorem \ref{thm:categoriesaregood}), which
means that the right vertical arrow is an isomorphism. The $1$\nbd{}category
$B^1(\mathbb{N}\times \mathbb{N})$ is not free but since it has the homotopy
type of the torus, we have $H^{\sing}_k(B^1(\mathbb{N}\times \mathbb{N}))=0=H_k^{\pol}(B^1(\mathbb{N}\times \mathbb{N}))$
type of the torus, we have \[H^{\sing}_k(B^1(\mathbb{N}\times \mathbb{N}))=0=H_k^{\pol}(B^1(\mathbb{N}\times \mathbb{N}))\]
for $k\geq 2$ and it follows then from Corollary \ref{cor:polhmlgycofibrant}
and Paragraph \ref{paragr:polhmlgylowdimension} that the map canonical map
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