Commit 88c1bc08 authored by Samuel Ben Hamou's avatar Samuel Ben Hamou
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Début de preuve d'un ModusPonens, mais SubsetSeq est récalcitrant.

parent a962fa58
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
(** The NatDed development, Pierre Letouzey, 2019.
This file is released under the CC0 License, see the LICENSE file *)
Require Import Defs NameProofs Mix Meta Countable.
Require Import Defs NameProofs Mix Meta Countable Models.
Import ListNotations.
Local Open Scope bool_scope.
Local Open Scope eqb_scope.
......@@ -95,6 +95,76 @@ Definition IsTheorem th T :=
Hint Unfold IsTheorem IsTheoremStrict.
(** A theorem to build proofs using former lemmas. *)
Lemma ModusPonens th : forall A B , IsTheorem th (A -> B) -> IsTheorem th A -> IsTheorem th B.
unfold IsTheorem in *.
destruct H. destruct H0.
+ unfold Wf in *.
* assert (check th (A -> B)%form = true -> check th B = true).
assert (check th (A -> B)%form = check th A && check th B).
{ auto. }
assert (check th A && check th B = check th A &&& check th B).
{ apply andb_lazy_alt. }
rewrite H8 in H5.
rewrite H5 in H9.
Print andb_true_iff.
assert (check th A = true /\ check th B = true).
{ apply andb_true_iff. rewrite H8. assumption. }
destruct H10.
apply H5. assumption.
* assert (BClosed (A -> B)%form -> BClosed A /\ BClosed B).
unfold BClosed in *.
cbn in H5.
apply max_0 in H5.
apply H5 in H0.
destruct H0.
* assert (FClosed (A -> B)%form -> FClosed A /\ FClosed B).
unfold FClosed in *.
cbn in H5.
assert (forall s s', Names.Empty (Names.union s s') -> Names.Empty s /\ Names.Empty s').
{ split. namedec. namedec. }
eapply H8 in H5.
apply H5 in H6.
destruct H6.
+ destruct H1.
destruct H2.
exists (x ++ x0).
destruct H1. destruct H2.
* assert (forall l l', Forall (IsAxiom th) l -> Forall (IsAxiom th) l' -> Forall (IsAxiom th) (l ++ l')).
induction l.
- auto.
- simpl. apply Forall_cons.
++ inversion H5. assumption.
++ apply IHl. inversion H5. assumption.
apply H5; assumption.
* apply R_Imp_e with (A := A).
- apply Pr_weakening with (s := x A -> B); auto.
Print SubsetSeq.
unfold SubsetSeq.
(** We can "fix" a proof made with things not in the signature,
or a signature badly used, or with remaining bounded vars. *)
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