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ZF : Coq model thanks to B. Werner's ZFC contrib

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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
This file is released under the CC0 License, see the LICENSE file *)
Require Import Defs NameProofs Mix Meta.
Require Import Wellformed Theories PreModels Models Peano.
Require Import Wellformed Theories Nary PreModels Models Peano.
Import ListNotations.
Local Open Scope bool_scope.
Local Open Scope string_scope.
......@@ -161,9 +161,6 @@ Qed.
End ZFAx.
Local Open Scope string.
Local Open Scope formula_scope.
Definition ZF :=
{| sign := ZFSign;
IsAxiom := ZFAx.IsAx;
......@@ -171,6 +168,8 @@ Definition ZF :=
Import ZFAx.
Local Open Scope formula_scope.
Lemma emptyset : IsTheorem J ZF (∃∀ ~(#0 #1)).
......@@ -346,3 +345,313 @@ Proof.
apply ModusPonens with (A := ∀∀∃∀ #0 #1 <-> #0 #3 \/ #0 #2); [ | apply unionset ].
apply ModusPonens with (A := ∀∃∀ #0 #1 <-> #0 = #2); [ apply Succ | apply singleton ].
Close Scope formula_scope.
(** A "model" for ZF, using Benjamin Werner's ZFC contrib *)
Require Import ChoiceFacts.
Require Import zfc.
(* Some complements about ZFC, in a more modern way *)
Lemma EXType_exists {X:Type}(P : X -> Prop) :
EXType X P <-> exists x, P x.
split; intros (x,p); exists x; trivial.
Instance EQ_equiv : Equivalence EQ.
split. exact EQ_refl. exact EQ_sym. exact EQ_tran.
Instance IN_m : Proper (EQ ==> EQ ==> iff) IN.
assert (forall x x' y y', EQ x x' -> EQ y y' -> IN x y -> IN x' y').
{ intros.
apply IN_sound_left with x. easy.
apply IN_sound_right with y; easy. }
intros x x' Hx y y' Hy. split; now apply H.
Instance Paire_m : Proper (EQ ==> EQ ==> EQ) Paire.
intros x x' Hx y y' Hy.
transitivity (Paire x y').
now apply Paire_sound_right.
now apply Paire_sound_left.
Instance Sing_m : Proper (EQ ==> EQ) Sing.
exact Sing_sound.
Instance Union_m : Proper (EQ ==> EQ) Union.
exact Union_sound.
Instance Succ_m : Proper (EQ ==> EQ) Succ.
unfold Succ. intros x x' H. now rewrite H.
Lemma Vide_spec x : ~IN x Vide.
intro H. destruct (Vide_est_vide _ H).
Lemma Paire_spec a b x :
IN x (Paire a b) <-> EQ x a \/ EQ x b.
- apply Paire_IN.
- intros [<-|<-]. apply IN_Paire_left. apply IN_Paire_right.
Lemma Sing_spec a x : IN x (Sing a) <-> EQ x a.
unfold Sing. rewrite Paire_spec. intuition.
Lemma Union_spec a x : IN x (Union a) <-> exists y, IN y a /\ IN x y.
- intros H. apply Union_IN in H. destruct H as (y & H & H').
now exists y.
- intros (y & H & H'). eapply IN_Union; eauto.
Lemma Power_spec a x : IN x (Power a) <-> INC x a.
split. apply IN_Power_INC. apply INC_IN_Power.
Lemma Succ_spec a x : IN x (Succ a) <-> EQ x a \/ IN x a.
- intros H. destruct (IN_Succ_or _ _ H). now left. now right.
- intros [->|H]. apply IN_Succ. now apply INC_Succ.
Lemma Omega_spec :
(exists x, IN x Omega /\ forall y, ~ IN y x) /\
(forall x, IN x Omega -> exists y, IN y Omega /\
forall z, IN z y <-> EQ z x \/ IN z x).
- exists Vide; split; try apply Vide_spec.
apply (Nat_IN_Omega 0).
- intros x Hx. exists (Succ x); split; try apply Succ_spec.
destruct (IN_Omega_EXType _ Hx) as (n & <-).
apply (Nat_IN_Omega (S n)).
Lemma Comp_spec (P:Ens->Prop) :
(Proper (EQ==>iff) P) ->
forall a x, IN x (Comp a P) <-> IN x a /\ P x.
intros HP a x.
assert (E : forall u v, P u -> EQ u v -> P v) by now intros ? ? ? <-.
- intros H. split. revert H. apply Comp_INC. eapply IN_Comp_P; eauto.
- intros (H,H'). apply IN_P_Comp; auto.
Definition zfc_exists_uniq (P:Ens->Prop) :=
exists x, P x /\ forall y, P y -> EQ y x.
Definition miquel_replacement :=
forall (P:Ens->Ens->Prop), Proper (EQ==>EQ==>iff) P ->
forall a,
(forall x, IN x a -> zfc_exists_uniq (P x)) ->
exists b,
forall x, IN x a -> exists y, IN y b /\ P x y.
Lemma replacement_alt : zfc.replacement -> miquel_replacement.
intros R P HP a EXU.
set (Q := fun x y => IN x a /\ P x y).
assert (HQ1 : functional Q).
{ intros x y y' (Hx,Hy) (_,Hy').
destruct (EXU x Hx) as (z & _ & Hz).
transitivity z. now apply Hz. symmetry. now apply Hz. }
assert (HQ2 : forall x y y', EQ y y' -> Q x y -> Q x y').
{ intros x y y' E (H,H'). split; auto. now rewrite <-E. }
assert (HQ3 : forall x x' y, EQ x x' -> Q x y -> Q x' y).
{ intros x x' y E (H,H'). split; now rewrite <-E. }
destruct (R Q HQ1 HQ2 HQ3 a) as (b & Hb). clear HQ1 HQ2 HQ3.
exists b.
intros x Hx.
destruct (EXU x Hx) as (y & Hy & _).
exists y; split; auto. apply Hb. now exists x.
(** Reverse statement. Not reused below, but good to know.
The proof is an adaptation of zfc.classical_Collection_Replacement *)
Lemma replacement_recip :
(forall A, A\/~A) -> miquel_replacement -> zfc.replacement.
intros EM R P HP1 HP2 HP3.
assert (HP : Proper (EQ==>EQ==>iff) P).
{ intros x x' Hx y y' Hy. split; intros.
apply HP2 with y; auto. apply HP3 with x; auto.
apply HP2 with y'; try easy. apply HP3 with x'; easy. }
cut (forall a, exists b, forall y, (exists x, IN x a /\ P x y) -> IN y b).
{ intros H a.
destruct (H a) as (b & Hb).
set (A := fun y => exists x, IN x a /\ P x y).
exists (Comp b A).
intros y. rewrite Comp_spec. split.
- intros (U,(x & Hx & Hx')). now exists x.
- intros (x & Hx & Hx'). split. apply Hb. now exists x. now exists x.
- intros z z' Hz. unfold A. split.
intros (x & Hx & Hx'). exists x. split; auto. eapply HP2; eauto.
intros (x & Hx & Hx'). exists x. split; auto. eapply HP2; eauto.
easy. }
set (Q := fun x y => P x y \/ (forall y, ~P x y) /\ EQ y Vide).
assert (HQ : Proper (EQ ==> EQ ==> iff) Q).
{ intros x x' Hx y y' Hy. unfold Q. rewrite Hx, Hy.
now setoid_rewrite Hx. }
intros a. destruct (R Q HQ a) as (b, Hb).
{ intros x Hx.
destruct (EM (exists y, P x y)) as [(y,Hy)|N].
- exists y. split. now left.
intros z [H|(H,->)].
+ eauto.
+ destruct (H _ Hy).
- exists Vide. split. right. split; auto with zfc. firstorder.
intros y [H|(H,->)]; auto with zfc. firstorder. }
exists b.
intros y (x & Hx & Hx').
destruct (Hb x Hx) as (z & Hz & [Hz'|(Hz',E)]).
- assert (EQ y z) by eauto. now rewrite H.
- firstorder.
Section Model.
Variable EM : forall A:Prop, A \/ ~A.
Variable Choice : FunctionalChoice. (* from ∀∃ to a function s.t. ... *)
Lemma Choice' : zfc.choice.
unfold zfc.choice; intros.
rewrite EXType_exists. apply Choice. intros x.
rewrite <- EXType_exists. apply H.
Definition Replacement : zfc.replacement :=
classical_Collection_Replacement EM (Choice_Collection Choice').
Definition ZFFuns (f:string) : optnfun Ens Ens := Nop.
Definition ZFPreds (p:string) : optnfun Ens Prop :=
if p =? "=" then NFun 2 EQ
else if p =? "∈" then NFun 2 IN
else Nop.
Lemma ZFFuns_ok s :
funsymbs ZFSign s = get_arity (ZFFuns s).
Lemma ZFPreds_ok s :
predsymbs ZFSign s = get_arity (ZFPreds s).
unfold ZFSign, zf_sign, ZFPreds. simpl.
repeat (case eqbspec; cbn; try easy).
Definition preZF : PreModel Ens ZF :=
{| someone := Vide;
funs := ZFFuns;
preds := ZFPreds;
funsOk := ZFFuns_ok;
predsOk := ZFPreds_ok |}.
Lemma tinterp_zf_congr G L L' (t:term) :
(forall k, EQ (nth k L Vide) (nth k L' Vide)) ->
EQ (tinterp preZF G L t) (tinterp preZF G L' t).
destruct t; cbn -[EQ]; intros; auto with zfc.
Lemma finterp_zf_congr G L L' A :
check ZFSign A = true ->
(forall k, EQ (nth k L Vide) (nth k L' Vide)) ->
finterp preZF G L A <-> finterp preZF G L' A.
revert L L'.
induction A; cbn -[EQ]; intros L L' C E; try easy.
- revert C. unfold ZFPreds. unfold predicate_symbol, name in *.
case eqbspec; intros.
+ rewrite lazy_andb_iff in C. destruct C as (C,_).
destruct l as [|a [|b [|c l]]]; try easy. cbn.
f_equiv; apply tinterp_zf_congr; auto.
+ revert C.
case eqbspec; intros; try easy.
rewrite lazy_andb_iff in C. destruct C as (C,_).
destruct l as [|a [|b [|c l]]]; try easy. cbn.
f_equiv; apply tinterp_zf_congr; auto.
- f_equiv. auto.
- rewrite lazy_andb_iff in C. destruct C as (C1,C2). f_equiv; auto.
- apply interp_quant. intros m. apply IHA; auto.
intros [|k]; cbn -[EQ]; auto with zfc.
Lemma ZFAxOk A : IsAxiom ZF A -> forall G, finterp preZF G [] A.
unfold ZF. simpl.
unfold ZFAx.IsAx.
intros [HA|[(B & -> & CK & CL)|(B & -> & CK & CL)]].
- unfold axioms_list in HA.
simpl in HA; intuition; subst; cbn -[EQ IN].
+ exact EQ_refl.
+ exact EQ_sym.
+ intros x y z (H,H'). now apply EQ_tran with y.
+ intros y x' x (H,H'). now rewrite <- H.
+ intros y' y x (H,H'). now rewrite <- H'.
+ (* ext *) intros a b E. apply INC_EQ; intro x; apply E.
+ intros a b. exists (Paire a b). apply Paire_spec.
+ intros a. exists (Union a). apply Union_spec.
+ intros a. exists (Power a). apply Power_spec.
+ exists Omega. apply Omega_spec.
- (* separation *)
intros G.
unfold separation_schema.
apply interp_nforall. intros stk Len. rewrite app_nil_r. cbn.
setoid_rewrite finterp_lift. cbn.
intros a.
set (A := fun x => finterp preZF G (x :: a :: stk) B).
exists (Comp a A). apply Comp_spec.
{ intros u v E. apply finterp_zf_congr; auto.
destruct k; cbn -[EQ]; auto with zfc. }
- (* replacement *)
intros G. unfold replacement_schema.
apply interp_nforall. intros stk Len. rewrite app_nil_r.
cbn -[exists_uniq].
setoid_rewrite finterp_lift. cbn -[exists_uniq].
intros a Ha.
apply replacement_alt.
+ apply Replacement.
+ intros x x' Hx y y' Hy. apply finterp_zf_congr; auto.
destruct k as [|[|?]]; cbn -[EQ]; auto with zfc.
+ intros x Hx. destruct (Ha x Hx) as (y,Hy). exists y.
cbn -[EQ] in Hy. now setoid_rewrite finterp_lift in Hy.
Definition ZFModel : Model Ens ZF :=
{| pre := preZF;
AxOk := ZFAxOk |}.
End Model.
Print Assumptions ZFModel.
Print ZFModel.
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