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# DBCop
### __For recent work, look at `wip` branch.__
## Usage
1. Clone it.
git clone -b wip
2. Fire up Galera cluster using `docker-compose`.
cd docker
sudo docker-compose up
git clone
3. Compile and install using `cargo` and run.
2. Compile and install using `cargo` and run.
Make sure `~/.cargo/bin` is in your system path.
cd dbcop
cargo install
dbcop install --path .
dbcop --help
There are a few `docker-compose` files in `docker` directory to create docker cluster.
The workflow goes like this,
1. Generate a bunch of histories to execute on a database.
2. Execute those histories on a database using provided `traits`. (see in `examples`).
3. Verify the executed histories for `--cc`(causal consistency), `--si`(snapshot isolation), `--ser`(serialization).
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